Baraka in MdS

Marathon des Sables was gruelling! I faced many challenges while running the Sands, but just took it one day at a time. Running an ultra marathon every day was not an easy feat, but doing it for a greater cause proves to be very motivating!

Off to Greenland! | BARAKA

I’m off to Greenland!

Mount Gunnbjørn Fjeld is the highest mountain peak in the Arctic (3694m) located on the remote east coast of Greenland and forms part of the Watkins Range of nunataks (rocky mountains protruding from the glacial ice-cap). From 23 May 2017 I will be climbing this magnificent summit for BARAKA! It has been a dream of mine to achieve this climb ever since I read about it…

sand mds

MdS Day 4

Today marks 100km. So far, so good, but my feet are taking a beating – blisters! I ran through dunes and over the jebel covered in sand. Tomorrow is the big distance day: 86km in one go! Not easy. I really hope this inspires people to sponsor me and donate.

sand mds

MdS Day 1

The first MdS race day spanned a distance of 30.3km through amazing scenery: dunes, rocky hills, big spaces and a big blue sky. I took it easy today and finished in just over 6 hours – a respectable placing!

The Day has arrived | BARAKA

The Day has finally arrived!

The big day has finally arrived! After a year of training and preparation, I am in Morocco and starting my Marathon des Sables race today. Let me run a kilometer for you in support of the great charities BARAKA endorses!

Golden Ridge Run | BARAKA

What is Baraka all about?

Baraka is a word I hear often in many African countries. It is blessing. My mother, Agnès Madeleine Floriet, is my constant inspiration to share Baraka – and that is why I run! Run with me to raise funds and awareness for worthy charities.