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Instruments4africa (I4A) is a not-for-profit (501c-3) organization formed to reinforce traditional music and the arts in Africa. Committed to cultural preservation, I4A supports artists to keep their practice alive so they can continue to empower their communities.

Instruments4africa was founded by Paul Chandler and Tama Walley.

Paul is an artist, educator and music producer living and teaching in Mali since 2003. Paul’s music program at the American International School of Bamako fused western theory and pedagogy with traditional music acquisition, learning and instrumentation. The program included an artist in residence program featuring some of Mali’s most accomplished artists.

He has produced events and organized projects in Mali for National Geographic, NY Times, Carnegie Hall, USAID, Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Public Health, US Department of State, UNICEF, APE Artists Project Earth, ABC, National Museum of Mali, Ministry of Culture (Mali), ICRISAT, and BONO’s non-profit organization DATA.

In 2011 Paul was awarded a research grant by the Bureau of Cultural and Education Affairs titled: Preservation of Endangerd Musical Traditions and Essential Related Artforms in Mali. In 2013 he was awarded a grant to produce peace and reconciliation cultural festivals in the northern regions of Mali.

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