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Our mission is to protect the cultures, people, landscapes and biodiversity of Tanzania through improved livelihoods and conservation.

The Dorobo Fund believes a healthy ecosystem balances the different and often competing needs of people, ecosystems, wildlife, government, and business. Today, these competing interests have never been so pronounced, with infrastructure development, shifts in livelihoods, increased food production, and a rapidly growing population.

Hadza Land Rights and Land Security Project

Our primary focus is the livelihood of hunter-gatherer and pastoral societies in the northern Tanzanian area, ensuring that their way of life is recognized and respected. We believe when communities are empowered, when they can own, manage, and benefit from their land and resources, we're all better off.

We've helped establish, advise and support the Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT), which today is one of the leading community land rights organizations in Tanzania. They are the key recipient of our funds. With our support, UCRT has:

  • Pioneered and has scaled up an approach to secure community land rights. They helped secure more than 400,000 acres of new forests and rangelands in key northern Tanzanian ecosystems in 2016 alone.
  • Coordinated a voluntary conservation model that protects key habitats around the Simanjiro Plains while directly benefiting local communities
  • Received the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2016 in recognition of its achievements.

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Maziwe Coral Reef Conservation Project

The Maziwe Marine Reserve plays a key role in providing for the socio-economic well-being of the people in the Pangani/Ushongo area, as well as incredible recreational fun and excitement for visitors to the island.

A renewed focus for the Dorobo Fund in 2017 is the conservation of Maziwe island’s special coral reef system and associated marine-based economies. Getting the on-shore village communities, the fishermen, tourists and Marine Parks aligned will be challenging, but with marine systems under siege we are resolved to pursue this cause.

The Friends of Maziwe (FOM) patrol program is a very exciting development after several years when there has been virtually open fishing, resource extraction and even dynamiting of the Maziwe Reef system. After only 6 months there was a notable change in the abundance and size of fish and invertebrates.  However, visiting marine biologist Dr Ken Clifton said it will take at least 3 years before the reef becomes a dispersal grounds for fish, improving fishing in the neighboring areas.

Suggested amounts are a minimum $50 per individual per year, $200 per family and $500 per business - we hope many will contribute or reach out to others who can help protect and sustain this beautiful island!

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