MdS Day 1

The first MdS race day spanned a distance of 30.3km through amazing scenery: dunes, rocky hills, big spaces and a big blue sky. I took it easy today and finished in just over 6 hours – a respectable placing!

My pack weighs 11kg dry and then add a few kgs of water. This race is going to be about mind over matter and a positive attitude. The other competitors are fun to be around and the atmosphere in camp is great. I’m in a tent with a french group of amazing runners. We started running at nine this morning and the last person came in just after 7pm. People who had already finished dragged themselves out of their tents to cheer the last ones in.

There are 1,167 runners in this year’s Marathon des Sables. At the check points people were receiving first aid, including treatment for some fairly serous conditions. But we are well-looked after by the MdS team. Day 2 will be harder – 40km with hills and mixed terrain.

So far so good, but it will take a focused effort to finish!

If you’d like to contact me on the course, please follow this link:

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