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Women Lead Climate Action

It’s a privilege to embark on the Vinson Massif expedition with a team of women who are also supporting some great causes. Take a look at the UN’s Women Lead Climate Action Programme in Cambodia, as well as the Her Planet Earth page. Check out Sandra Marichal’s video about her experience in Antarctica.

The Cold Truth by Sandra Marichal | BARAKA

The Cold Truth by Sandra Marichal

Watch “The Cold Truth: An Expedition to Antarctica” by Sandra Marichal, an #up2degrees documentary about the aircon of our planet: Antarctica. Sandra says:
“Every day is magical… Every day has a beauty I’ve never seen. It’s a place that makes you feel very humble to be invited on the planet – and the least we can do is to protect and respect it.”

sand mds

MdS Day 4

Today marks 100km. So far, so good, but my feet are taking a beating – blisters! I ran through dunes and over the jebel covered in sand. Tomorrow is the big distance day: 86km in one go! Not easy. I really hope this inspires people to sponsor me and donate.

sand mds

MdS Day 1

The first MdS race day spanned a distance of 30.3km through amazing scenery: dunes, rocky hills, big spaces and a big blue sky. I took it easy today and finished in just over 6 hours – a respectable placing!

Golden Ridge Run | BARAKA

Golden Ridge

The Golden Ridge Run is a 45km race through rural Tanzania that took place in 2009 for raising funds to build a quality, sustainable Tanzanian school, as well as supporting The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and the Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute.