MdS Day 4

Today marks 100km. So far, so good, but my feet are taking a beating – blisters! I ran through dunes and over the jebel covered in sand. Enjoying the scenery and simply had to pick up a rock! Now my pack is too heavy; will have to get rid of some food. Tomorrow is the big distance day: 86km in one go! Not easy. I really hope this inspires people to sponsor me and donate.

Thank you to those who sent me messages; they arrive at our tents every night and are really appreciated!

It was hot today – they said 50°C but it didn’t feel like it. Thanks to heat training in Mali! So far the experience has been incredible. I have a renewed respect for the human condition and nature. It’s also been interesting being with a bunch of athletes from all over the world – we get a daily fashion show of the Italian team parading in their undies every afternoon (they travel light and have nothing else to wear)!

Well, that’s it for now… need to get ready for the big day(s) tomorrow!

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