Golden Ridge

The Golden Ridge Run

The Golden Ridge Run is a 45km race through rural Tanzania that took place in 2009 for raising funds for the AMF Education Project. AMF aided in building a quality, sustainable Tanzanian school, as well as supporting The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and the Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute, affiliated with the University of Toronto and Harvard University, respectively.

The AMF Education Project

The AMF Education project is about providing underprivileged children in Tanzania assistance in quality education. It is also about Cancer awareness, prevention and support.

My mother, Agnès Madeleine Floriet (AMF) came to visit me, Claire Floriet, in Tanzania in 2004. She saw many things here, including the snows of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater, some of Tanzania’s famous National Parks all of which left a significant impression. However, it was the people who captured her heart. She fell in love with the children of Tanzania and wanted to return to assist with the advancement of education.

She had a long, distinguished career as a school teacher and explained to me that it was truly wonderful to reach out and teach children who had such pleasure in learning. My mother passed away the 18th of March 2007 after a 9 year battle with cancer and will not be able to return. However, I can realize and share her dreams with some help from you.

Here are some articles written on the event:

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