What does it take to train for something like this?

Here is a bit of a photo essay giving you a glimpse into how much preparation went into training for MdS – I trained for over a year in all kinds of weather conditions, in between my demanding full-time job schedule, contacting and visiting charities, and getting the website up-and-running!

We faced so many challenges – I travelled for hours on very bumpy roads through dust storms and 50°C heat to reach places where I could get signal, found snakes and scorpions along the way… I even got warned to watch out for lions while I tried to communicate with my web designer, Sharné, under a tree in the pitch dark! Meanwhile, in Cape Town, South Africa, Sharné had to tackle extremely slow website servers based in America, which crashed on launch day! We both had very little sleep, busy schedules and tricky communication channels.

But in the end, I believe it will all be worth it! Especially if we can reach our donation goals – check out the charities BARAKA runs for!

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