Update on the Hadza – 2017


Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “The Tipping Point” builds a case through examples, for how seemingly small ideas, acts or initiatives in the right circumstances can effect significant impact and change. Whether we are talking about a couple dozen turtle nests, a few hundred hectares of land, or family planning for a group of women in the village, these relatively small initiatives can make a difference and provide the catalyst for larger scale change.

In early September, representatives from the Hadza, Akie and Sandawe tribes gathered at Tarangire Safari Lodge for two days of discussions, debate, and dancing. Some groups traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach the meeting.

The two-day meeting allowed representatives to discuss the current issues facing hunter-gatherer groups in Tanzania. Discussions focused on the effects of land loss, climate change, immigration, and modernization on their way of life and cultural preservation.

This is the third time the Dorobo Fund has co-hosted this event with Tarangire Safari Lodge in the last eight years. Recurring themes brought to the table by these tribes are the loss of land, political disenfranchisement, agricultural expansion, population growth, and climate change, and the effects these continue to have on traditional ways of life for hunter-gatherers.

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