Mt Gunnbjorn fjeld

It just took my breath away…

It’s the most beautiful place… Upon arrival, I experienced the peaceful, deafening silence of utter isolation and remote wilderness in Greenland. It was a spectacular 11 days on the ice and the best birthday present I’ve ever received! I successfully summited Gunnbjørn Fjeld – the highest mountain in Greenland, which is the largest island in the Arctic and the world.

Having gone from running in 52°C in the Moroccan Sahara desert to climbing in -30°C in the Watkins Range in Greenland four weeks later, meant that I had little time to recover/train and had to acclimatise quickly and dig really deep to keep going.

The extended expedition up the summit of Mount Gunnbjørn Fjeld was truly an unforgettable experience, which I want to share with others, too. Have a look at some photos from my expedition:

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