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Second Stage | MdS

second stage - patrick bauer | MdS | BARAKA

After yesterday's warm-up, today's stage was “much harder,” as announced this morning by Patrick BAUER.

Its pinnacle: the descent of jebel EL OTFAL, a mythical mountain which has often been part of the race course of the MDS. Its impressive slope, first sandy then stony, makes competitors lose an altitude of almost 250 metres in less than a quarter mile. With a temperature of 30°C, under a burning sun and almost no wind, the feeling of heat is impressive. But the landscapes are just gorgeous - a delight for contemplative competitors!
Nature is absolutely beautiful. If you like the desert, you’ve gotta get out here!” Nick LIKANE (D0599-AUS)
We are moving towards the unknown.” Pierre TRAVERSA (D0073-FRA)
I had a very good sleep and am ready to attack this new day.” Stany LAENEN (D0334-BEL)
The night was a bit cold... but otherwise, everything’s all right.” Nick LIKANE (D0599)
I am grateful that it’s so well organized. It’s all good!” Dmitry LIKANE (D0598-AUS)
My son called me one day telling me ‘Dad, I did something stupid: I signed up for the MDS!’” Stany LAENEN (D0334-BEL)

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