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MdS Timings No 10

  • MdS Timings No 10 | BARAKA
    MdS Timings No 10 | BARAKA


What else can we say than Thanks, A BIG THANK YOU, to all of you who crossed the start line of this 32nd edition of the MARATHON DES SABLES MAROC and turned the desert into a place full of shared moments, solidarity, and exchanges? We hope that after these 3 weeks of rest, you have retrieved your full physical capabilities but are still feeling the desert's effects on you - and more particularly, as a Tuareg proverb rightfully puts it: "You enter the desert with your problems, and when you leave the desert, you suddenly realise that you've left them there."
A BIG THANK YOU also to all the volunteers and partners of the MARATHON DES SABLES MAROC - without them, this event could not take place every year!

93.42% of FINISHERS

1,171 of you crossed the start line of the first stage, and 1,094 were ranked at the end of the Marathon Stage, i.e. 93.42% of finishers: CONGRATULATIONS!

We want to congratulate each and everyone of you for demonstrating once again that the MARATHON DES SABLES is not an impossible race. It is undoubtedly a difficult one, but for motivated women and men, it is absolutely feasible.
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Many of you take advantage of your participation in the MARATHON DES SABLES MAROC to promote a cause dear to your heart. We help you in this respect by offering you a dedicated space on our website to promote your action. Very soon, we will be offering you special kits to help you communicate, involve more people, and of course raise more money. We would like to have a more precise idea of all the money you collected in favour of charities on the occasion of your participation in the MARATHON DES SABLES MAROC. If you have raised money for a charity, could we kindly ask you to send us a short email with :

• In the message subject: Survey of donations to charities during 32nd MDS
And in the body of the message:
• Your last name and first name
• Your bib number
• The charity you supported
• The number of donors
• The total amount raised


Relive the MDS 2017 through the 52-minute film (France and Canada) and the report by Evasión TV (Spain).

Sunday 14 May at 11:45 AM

Friday 12 May at 1 PM
Thursday 18 May at 1 PM
Saturday 13 May at 1:30 PM
Sunday 14 May at 4:30 PM

Saturday 13 May at 3:25 PM
Monday 15 May at 10:40 AM


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