Marathon des Sables

MARATHON DES SABLES (MdS) is an adventure that began with one man’s dream and has gone on to feed the fantasies of thousands of people. Although there are as many reasons for taking part in MDS as there are participants, the most common reasons include a taste for challenge, a desire to test your limits, and the need to take a break from a busy life. « On this kind of race, the doors of the mind open up and everyone discovers secrets they had never imagined and that feed into their lives forever. » Patrick Bauer, creator of MDS. MDS offers a break from life, a breath of fresh air, a real form of meditation. Life is reduced to its bare bones: moving forward, preparing food, sleeping, and above all sharing with others.

The Marathon des Sables captured my imagination from the moment I read about it. I have been training for the MdS for a year. Everyone I know thinks I’m nuts for doing this but I can’t help it, the desert has called and I've answered. I will participate with all my heart. I have worked in some of the poorest countries in the world and hope to take the opportunity to raise sponsorship for some very worthwhile organizations. Hopefully my feet will forgive me.

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MdS Timings Newsletters

MdS sends out informative newsletters to the participants. It's a great way to learn more about the event and how to prepare for it, so I thought I would share some of the info with BARAKA:

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