Marathon des Sables

MdS Timings No 7

  • MdS Timings No 7


The organisation makes no compromises on respecting the environment. Action is taken at every level to ensure that the desert is left clean and to offset the MDS carbon footprint. We also expect you to take part. Offenders risk penalties, but in particular they miss the real point of living through this great adventure.

Use the toilets set up around the bivouac. Special biodegradable and compostable bags are supplied to use in these toilets. The bags guarantee perfect personal hygiene. External bins serve to collect them when you leave the WC. They are regularly emptied.

Empty bottles
All bottles are numbered, and anyone whose bottle is found on the course receives a penalty. Containers are available at each checkpoint. Remember to empty and compress your bottles before throwing them away.

At the end of each stage, one bin bag per tent is destined for your waste and empty bottles. It is of course forbidden to throw away food wrappings or other packaging outside the bins.

It is obligatory to follow the markings made by the organisation. Do not cut across cultivated land!



MARATHON DES SABLES offers you an exceptional break in your life: for one week, you will navigate through the desert at your own pace, accompanied by your peers, motivated by the simple desire of reaching the finish line while taking in all the majesty of the desert. Don’t ruin everything!

Mobile phones
You are not allowed to use your mobile phone on the bivouac or on the course. You may, however, use it if you move away from the bivouac or course.
Warning : network is rare in the desert.

Receiving emails
Throughout the race, your loved ones can send you emails via the MDS website, stipulating your name and bib number. These emails will be printed then distributed on the bivouac. The service runs from 8 to 14 April.

Sending emails
To stay in contact with your friends and family, we make a free email service available so that you can communicate without bothering other competitors, at a rhythm adapted to that of the event. Be aware, though, that you will not be directly connected to the internet, but to an interface from which you can send a single email to one recipient. You will need to organise yourself beforehand to make sure that the person receiving your email sends it on to your other correspondents. Alternatively, you can queue up again and send a second email.

Satellite telephone
Another possibility is to telephone by satellite from the bivouac at a fixed point (2 euro/min, in cash: euro, dollars or dirhams). Note that you cannot receive calls.

Email and telephone times
Depending on the weather and logistics: from 15.00 to 20.00 on standard stages. For stage 4: 1st day – 19.00 to 22.00, 2nd day: 10.00 to 20.00. The satellite telephone will be open during the night of the long stage. These services will be available from 8 to 14 April. Let your families, friends and sponsors know in advance.

Your bivouac does not have an electricity supply. You will not therefore be able to charge your devices, mobile phones or cameras. Be prepared!

Don’t forget that MDS is a wonderful opportunity: enjoy being alone (or almost) in the middle of the desert, and smile! Everything feels so much better when you’re smiling.

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