Pelorus Foundation conservation | Baraka Challenge

Pelorus Foundation

Pelorus Foundation partners with leading conservation organisations positioned in unique destinations around the world, from the Red Sea to Africa’s vast wilderness. Help us make an impact in wildlife conservation.

Tusk | Charities | Baraka Challenge


Tusk has earned a reputation for providing a highly efficient solution for funding wildlife conservation programmes. For 30 years, they have helped pioneer an impressive range of successful conservation initiatives across more than 20 countries.

Saruni Adopt an Acre | Kenya | Baraka Challenge

Saruni Adopt an Acre Appeal

Saruni is a collection of deluxe, intimate safari lodges in Kenya’s private conservancies, from Samburu to the Masai Mara. We offer exclusive experiences of African wildlife, culture & wilderness in partnership with the communities.

Elephants in Kenya | BARAKA

Milgis Trust

Milgis Trust in a nutshell: Conservation, education, veterinary needs, water management, healthcare, sustainable land use and a new elephant well project…


Dorobo Fund

Our mission is to protect the cultures, people, landscapes and biodiversity of Tanzania through improved livelihoods and conservation. The Dorobo Fund believes a healthy ecosystem balances the different and often competing needs of people, ecosystems, wildlife, government, and business. Today, these competing interests have never been so pronounced, with infrastructure development, shifts in livelihoods, increased food production, and a rapidly growing population…